Why the Right Office Furniture Is Key to a Successful Work Place

Millions of people across the UK work in an office, and it’s a place they spend five days a week at, sometimes more, sometimes less, and to spend all that time with poor furniture can be a miserable experience for many. And a miserable experience leads to poor work output and unhappy workers. It pays

Hog roasts are hot this Summer!

With the growing popularity of period dramas such as Downton Abbey and most recently Poldark, a knock-on effect has been the increasing popularity of rustic, ‘traditional’ food. After all, when you are hosting an event – from

Be the host with a roast

Summer promises potential of parties and gatherings – really offering instance to impress.  Yet so often, catering can become a source of stress - often composed on multiple elements of food which can cause more mess than actually

Why can a hog roast make the right impression?

You may have enjoyed recent sporting events causing occasion for gathering. Possibly The Grand National, the popularity of Easter parties or maybe housewarmings, often occurring at this time of year. However, have you been to an

Getting tied up in knots about packaging

Packaging a product is always much more important than people often give it credit for. The packaging of a product is the first line of sale to a consumer. If your packaging is not eye-catching and appealing, your potential customers may well look elsewhere.

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