3 Reason Why You Should Hire a Catering Company

When it comes to organising an event, everybody knows how stressful it can be. With endless amounts of lists which need ticking off the last thing you want to do is think about catering for your own event, this is why we urge people

The stress-free way of sorting food for a big event

When you need to feed a crowd, it can be difficult to know what option to go for. Do you opt for a sit-down meal? How about a buffet where people can help themselves? Will there be hot and cold choices available? Questions fly around

How to host a large party… and keep guests happy

Springtime is often associated with gatherings and parties. This is especially with private family occasions where the focus is on getting together and enjoying each other’s company!


5 wedding food ideas

Are you sick and tired of traditional wedding food?

If you’re planning your wedding and are still to decide on a catering solution, why not consider these alternatives for modern celebrations:

How to cater for fussy eaters

Catering to feed a fussy eater can be difficult.

There are many people out there, particularly children, who only feel comfortable with certain flavour combinations. Yet when you are providing food

Barmy British Food traditions!

Britain is a country known for its attachment to good food: whether it’s a lovely lunch or a delicious dinner! A New Year brings the prospect of more things to try, and rather than branching out into other cuisine, a surprising point

3 ways to instantly improve your party catering

The New Year brings a prospect of new gatherings! The coming months are particularly full when it comes to corporate events and ‘meet and greet sessions’. After all, you may be new to a workplace, or taking the opportunity to expand

4 catering trends set to be big in 2016

If you are organising a gathering of people – and this could be public or private – one thing it is essential to get right is the catering. The quality and quantity of food can be the determining factors as to whether guests enjoy

How to impress at 2016’s corporate events

A New Year means new considerations for the corporate world.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, big things can be expected; especially when it comes to events. A step-up of social occasions

The truth about the origins of pulled pork

It’s been on many people’s minds – and plates – this year especially: pulled pork! It could seem that this delicious food is a modern phenomenon, emerging out of nowhere to be suddenly seen in a range of eating-places and recipes.