Banish Christmas boredom… 3 fun things kids can do independently!

Christmas is often looked to as a time of fun and excitement, especially for children. However, the school Christmas holidays typically start a while before the big day – and carry on after it – meaning that kids can quickly grow

The Right Lighting For the Right Room Makes All The Difference

When it comes to the home, lighting is a key component to provide that homely feeling. The wrong lighting can bring about an unsatisfactory atmosphere in the home, with a dingy or distractingly bright light making it hard to stay in a room for long. If you want a home

You deserve a proper plumbing service!

It can become easy to take our home plumbing systems for granted. Fully functional heating, hot water - we just expect them. We rely significantly on our boilers to keep our houses warm and water at the temperature we want, throughout

Getting the immigration support you need

Following the general election 2015 and the change in government, it can be anticipated that this may have an impact on immigration law. Whether you are an employer or employee, student or family member and believe this may have an

The Hosemaster – it says it on the tin

Established in 1972, Power Pipes Limited have an online trading division, known simply as The Hosemaster. As the name suggest, this is where you can an expansive range of supplies for DIY enthusiasts and professional trades. They specialise in providing high quality