Buying vs Leasing – Which is the Best Option for You?

Contrary to what you may leave, when weighing up the option of buying vs car leasing it is not always dependant on income, and there are a number of other things to consider. According to a number of recent reports, over the past 5 years the number of people opting to

Why Audi Cars Have Grown to Become so Popular

There is absolutely no denying that over the past few years the UK roads have seen a growing number of Audi vehicles – highlighting an obvious increase in popularity. The Audi brand has always been synonymous with luxury – however, the growing number of people driving

Here’s Why So Many Millennials Are Leasing Luxury Cars

A couple of years ago we were all told that millennials are more eco-friendly, with more and more apparently opting to get around by bikes, busses and other means of public transport. It however has now become apparent that this is not the case – Although a rising number

Protecting Breakables and Valuables When Moving

moving boxes

When moving, whether it is house or office – you have a right

Performance Hose FAQ’s

When it comes to performance hoses, many people struggle to determine which

Transporting Goods by Sea, Air and Land

Established all the way back in 1976, Uneek Group has over thirty years’ experience in worldwide transportation and have offices in both the UK and East Africa. Providing leading and professional export services in airfreight, courier and haulage, here are just a few

Top tips for moving in the spring

The springtime opens up many seasonal opportunities – and is seen as a good time to move property and business premises. If you have been thinking of doing so! Why? The prospect of lighter nights means more time to move, yet without the busyness and higher temperatures of summer.   0 451

Making the most of minibus hire

There may be many different circumstances in which you require a vehicle to transport a large number of people – and keep in control whilst doing so. With Christmas round the corner, there may be parties and gatherings you are hoping to attend as a group. Or it may

Moving season will soon descend on London

The months entering autumn are often the most popular for moving in London.

Especially prominent are the numbers of students who will be moving from all over the country, as well as internationally, to study in the great city.

Don’t Do It Yourself, Move With the Help of a Removals Team

Moving out without any help might seem like a good idea at the time, but many things that are a good idea at the time typically go pear shaped. You can’t fit everything in that van you borrowed from a friend, you don’t know the quickest routes, and all the boxes have